Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Easton Town Center, 6:00 to 7:00pm

Portraits of Recovery is one of the most inspirational and uplifting events of the year and this year was no exception! Thank you to everyone who joined us a live, socially distanced Drive-In event at Easton Town Center and those who joined us by livestream.  Everyone who joined us is helpeding to fund a wide range of treatment and recovery services for women who are struggling with addiction, mental health issues and trauma as well as services for their children. This support has a direct impact on women and their families as they work toward lifelong recovery and economic independence. Click here to check out Portraits of Recovery on the Alvis YouTube channel!

2020 Purple Heart Award recipient

Recipients of the Purple Heart Award embody service, sacrifice and commitment to ensuring the lives that Amethyst serves have access to hope, health, and recovery.

Molly & Adam Mandel

Purple Heart Award recipients 2020

In recognition of their commitment to supporting women in recovery and their children to achieve sobriety and live a life of meaning and purpose, the 2020 Purple Heart Award winners are Molly and Adam Mandel.

In 2018, Molly Mandel decided she wanted to have a bigger purpose in running the Columbus Marathon. In memory of her sister, Amy Wickes, who struggled with addiction, Molly made her run a fundraiser and invited her friends to donate to the Amethyst program. Their support and encouragement exceeded her hopes.

Molly and her mother, Kathleen Reardon (the sister of a former Alvis Board Chair), then attended a Portraits of Recovery event and later took a tour of the Amethyst program. They were so moved after this visit that Molly’s father’s company, Exxcel Project Management, where she and her husband Adam also work, invited the entire staff to hear a few client’s stories. In awe of the strength of these women, they named Amethyst as their “charity of choice.” Since then, they have done fundraising, donation drives, and much more.

For Molly and Adam, the Amethyst program is always “top of mind.” When they see or hear of a need, they are first in line to alleviate the need. From both serving on event committees, to donating computers and Easter baskets, to buying activities for the children during COVID….the list goes on and on. Their willingness to give and support the Amethyst women and children is steadfast.

It is because of the Mandel’s generosity and love for the Amethyst program that we are honored to recognize Molly and Adam with the 2020 Purple Heart Award.

Previous Purple Heart Award winners:

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2004    Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing, Annie Gaunt, and Angela Larviere